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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2523 new posts and replies over 315 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
7pInheritors Need to Open an EJ Account to Access Inheritance?23:33 uclalien07:14 livesoft
880tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!06/03 hdas07:14 MotoTrojan
59hI bought a Put option - now what?14:10 justsomeguy201807:12 Shallowpockets
2hWithholding trick for non-qualified annuity distributions?17:21 JohnDoh07:11 ResearchMed
101pStimulus help for small businesses, sole proprietors, s-corp etc03/28 Theseus07:10 Theseus
17990tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill07:10 dukeblue219
20tIs the coming pain really "priced in"?01:01 DualCitizen07:10 JonnyDVM
30tAre Index Funds Not True Buy-and-Hold Investments?08:24 whereskyle07:09 whereskyle
37hHow am I doing ? Do i need a financial advisor ?03/29 icestorm07:05 dachshunddad
14hAlready Made a QCD?03/30 jimcrawford0107:04 jimcrawford01
667tYear 2000 retirees using the '4% rule' - Where are they now?2018 willthrill8107:04 billlumber1981
24tAsset allocation strategies for accumulators03/30 Triple digit go07:04 Gufomel
0pSome CPA advice about whether rental homes qualify for QBI07:01 gensuki 
31tPenalty-free withdrawals from 401(k)s03/26 CashFlo07:01 MotoTrojan
20tFidelity shuts 3 (Treasury) MM Funds to New Investors20:00 JoMoney06:58 Ferdinand2014
78pHelp for Landlords in the Stimulus Bills?03/30 SimpleMan6806:57 burt
0hPlease Review My Asset Location Strategy06:54 CaptainJ 
1cAir conditioning- replace furnace too?01:16 Bolder06:53 Housedoc
39pAirline refusing to issue refunds03/30 rm06:52 matt1882
4659lBogleheads community discussion - Coronavirus02/27 LadyGeek06:46 FI4LIFE
250tThe One-Fund Portfolio as a default suggestion08/12 longinvest06:45 bgf
20hMarcus or Ally17:58 2020 ButClassic06:43 andypanda
8tLarry Swedroe - "What If I've Over Estimated My Tolerance For Risk?"12:46 ChangedInvestor06:42 Cyclesafe
67tCNBC: Investors Should Be Buying Individual Stocks, Not Indexes03/30 RJC06:39 petulant
7hRollover of 401K (403B) "RMD" to TIRA12:55 kaneohe06:38 Spirit Rider
0hChange 401k contributions from traditional to Roth?06:30 alil 
3668tCoronavirus and the market02/04 XM16E106:14 Seasonal
23nWhat makes iShares so popular? How much does that matter?01/22 glorat06:13 occambogle
242pHow Much in Your Emergency Fund And Is It Used?2017 Jcraz1306:08 Harry Livermore
93t[CARES Act] Overview03/26 SailorJack0206:03 Seasonal
14tTax Efficiency of Wellesley (VWINX) distributions03/27 pop7706:02 pop77
2n[Austria] seeking advice on how to start investing00:14 ellaellela06:02 JimBeam
28hTide went out and I was naked03/28 hotwired05:59 bgf
109tHelp me understand this market--or How can S&P be 2600 today?03/30 simpleidiot05:58 Seasonal
359t[Why aren't forum members following the "Stay the course" approach?]02/29 Regattamom05:58 Leesbro63
38pAre cell phones like cars? [Buying new vs buying used or keeping old]13:17 azianbob05:50 Leesbro63
10pany disadvantages for rolling 403b to IRA15:22 sil201705:44 Sahara
3cOnline / Gun Dealer Recommendations21:06 rvflyer05:42 spitty
2hVanguard Roth IRA conversion03:44 bob123405:30 mokaThought
13nBeginner investor from Lithuania seeking advice10/08 buf05:15 Laurizas
4n[Switzerland] Any Low Cost Index Funds in Europe/Switzerland??08:44 ilias304605:09 longjohn
26cHome internet uptime monitor03/03 newbie00304:42 mega317
33pHouse Buying Advice - Contract Already Signed03/29 ljax197904:40 celia
6hWhen/how to simplify my portfolio03/30 PB8004:23 PB80
204tWhy does anyone invest in international funds?03/24 Brianmcg32104:10 Noobvestor
21tBuy call options for locking in current low prices for future monthly contributions?03/28 sharukh03:42 scintillator
59tSo yesterday I leveraged up03/14 Ari03:37 alibaba123
1n[AT/Austria] clarification on ETF taxes10:38 ellaellela03:12 bitmouse
11pVoluntary Furlough: Pros and Cons?03/30 stimulacra03:09 celia
4049tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE03:08 mrspock
77tInvestments you wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole03/30 tvubpwcisla03:02 DonIce
4nUK investor with US ETF : tax loss harvesting, bed & breakfast03/31 bluejeansman03:02 TedSwippet
157lSacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread2015 digarei02:55 digarei
7cwide lace up work boots03/31 Heidi102:54 NCPE
10cWestern Union Unclaimed Property Letter - Real or Scam?19:08 TxInjun02:42 celia
493tI don't understand the case for EE bonds2017 sometimesinvest02:35 Dovahkiin
42tWhat is your age/AA during this crisis?20:02 Turkishcoffee02:34 Rotsevni
2hFidelity CD ladders21:54 MotoTrojan02:26 L82GAME
0pAmending Taxes For FEIE?02:21 Geographer 
5hWorth Refinancing to hedge bets?22:51 m@ver1ck02:07 annu
11hcancel Whole Life policy in this situation?15:54 mesaverde01:59 OnTrack
4nEmergency Fund for non-US investors10:55 michoco91101:55 longjohn
8hSwitch from VTIAX to --?__ for tax loss harvest16:23 bluegill01:52 DoubleClick
337pHow Is Your Job Being Impacted By The Current Crisis?03/17 RJC01:15 bantam222
38cWhat's worth paying more for?03/29 jco00:52 chuckb84
1pHow to Transfer 529 Beneficiary to Grandchild without needing to file Gift Tax Return?10:08 Counterpoint00:51 Eagle33
16pUnicorn mortgage still just a dream03/28 unclescrooge00:51 softwaregeek
9cWine Club Recommendations?15:41 Retiredron00:47 z0r
81tWhy not 100% PSLDX?03/04 TeeDee00:32 occambogle
904tLifecycle Investing - Leveraging when young2019 Steve Reading00:27 Ben Mathew
36tHedge against SCV underperformance?17:13 jco00:27 Steve Reading
99cWhich iPhone would you buy today?12/11 lostinjersey00:21 lostinjersey
99cThinking I should go car shopping amidst the panic03/16 CULater23:52 denovo
22tMacy’s dropped from s&p 50018:52 Dennisl23:46 saintsfan342000
9t"Take Care When Approaching Beaten-Down Parts of the Market"12:30 Taylor Larimore23:42 fennewaldaj
47tLast few days stocks have risen - but rally lacks conviction03/31 ChangedInvestor23:39 APX32
5hNon retirement account suggestion03/30 JD10123:35 retired@50
64cDid you move for better weather? Did you regret it?03/31 phositadc23:33 CMD1
5tDividends and Taxes21:30 Distinguished23:33 Phineas J. Whoo
21hDouble taxation on t-IRA contributions03/29 Samosa2223:26 TropikThunder
18hEarly semi-retirement - 3% or Variable Percentage Withdrawal?10:06 ThankYouJack23:19 SevenBridgesRoa
7tWhy do different total market and SP500 funds have different NAVs?22:24 justsomeguy201823:17 TropikThunder
11hDollar Cost Averaging - Quarterly, monthly, etc or lump sum?15:34 $questions23:11 bugleheadd
1pBackdoor Roth preparation help21:32 outofstep23:11 FiveK
14hUse emergency fund to maintain investments?03/30 dandinsac23:10 vipertom1970
42hAnother way Edward Jones gets you03/30 suemarkp23:08 suemarkp
9cRoof shingle sediment coming through window screens..10/25 z9123:07 Cheez-It Guy
0hStay in or go on the sidelines23:02 DreamALittleDre 
26cTrip Cancelled-No Trip Insurance03/28 N10sive22:58 N10sive
34cSmall drip from copper pipe09:54 Hogan77322:58 Cubicle
23cAmazon Glacier cloud stoarge? Any experience?03/26 rgs9222:49 pondering
3pAm I currently insured under this life insurance policy? "Universal Life Protector IV". About to care for COVID+ cases.21:39 neurosphere22:48 BL
6hWait a bit for TLH?12:32 Hogan77322:43 Hogan773
45pHousing Market Response in this environment?03/22 TresBelle6522:42 anoop
12tCares Act Payroll Protection Program03/29 kmurp22:38 Cubicle
16pIRS letter *not* received - suggestions?03/29 vectorizer22:34 cheese_breath
4cLeak near water meter10:25 harrad22:34 Cubicle
16cCollege Cost03/30 raveon22:32 Normchad
9h457 b ?03/23 retire112322:29 retire1123
0pProblem Creating an Inherited IRA for the Benefit of the Estate22:28 depressed 
6hQuestion about Muni’s in Taxable19:24 Closer232322:27 Offshore
6t"U" Shaped Recovery: Fall>Stall>Surge???10:56 Sandtrap22:26 whodidntante
9tPost Coronavirus economy and investing philosophy19:06 Closer232322:25 SimpleGift
43tI thought I had it all figured out....advice please03/29 WhenWillWeGetTh22:25 Rwsawbones
2hWellsTrade - switch to Vanguard? Inherited IRA questions ...21:48 Husker4theSpurs22:24 3times5
2hSchwab MM22:16 ralph124cf22:23 kaneohe
341cHow to get Toilet Paper ? seriously.03/16 confusedinvesto22:21 Doom&Gloom
16tThe most long-term-profitable emotion in investing.18:27 moneyman1122:21 Normchad
2pCombining loans idea14:52 PeloMan197922:16 PeloMan1979
5231cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36822:08 matti
324cWhat are you listening to now01/10 Artful Dodger22:07 JAZZISCOOL
39tHow do I avoid falling prey to this potential bear market rally?03/30 justsomeguy201822:07 flaccidsteele
7pMortgage Refinance03/30 ddurrett89622:01 Flyer24
38hWhy buy treasuries when CD rates are so much better?03/30 tc10121:57 Dude2
6hIs anyone 100% TIAA?16:27 Toadvine21:48 cheese_breath
9tEasy Asset Location and Tax-loss Harvesting02/29 Rick Ferri21:48 2020 ButClassic
0hMy asset allocation21:45 JD101 
3pRefinance doesn't make sense if you are doing after long time period10:21 rm21:45 grabiner
0pField Sales - How is Coronavirus affecting your sales revenue?21:40 bigtex 
131hSafety of Money Market Funds Currently03/15 3andOut21:39 APX32
6hAllocation question -- too tilted?03/29 DS11121:38 justsomeguy2018
3hRefocusing a Scattered Portfolio03/29 monkeyingaround21:37 monkeyingaround
17pSave or invest?13:12 Robdac21:34 gr7070
4tAre short-term bonds riskier than long-term bonds?03/31 restingonmylaur21:29 grabiner
8pHELOC after refi to pay off 401k loan03/28 sg206021:29 delamer
0tBOGLEHEAD CONTEST -- 2020 First Quarter Winners21:29 Taylor Larimore 
17t"The lessons of Vanguard’s Jack Bogle have helped countless investors — but his picks could be improved"03/11 Taylor Larimore21:24 BionicBillWalsh
8hFidelity In Kind Rollover Issue03/24 randdusing21:24 anoop
21pMoving to Canada as a US Citizen with income from both countries03/29 jerseymd201021:22 Student2
2h[Should I move from Money Market to FDIC-Insured Bank?]10:28 Pizza194521:12 SxSW
6cFinance (premed) or Psychology (premed)14:27 goru121:11 delamer
0hTLH and avoid any wash sales21:10 MGTFI 
120phow much cash do you keep at home?03/28 camillus21:08 Small Savanna
55cStand Mixer03/28 DTalos21:04 sport
1hwire funds from VG account20:54 jpohio21:04 AlohaJoe
18cMaking the most of COVID-19. What deals have you taken advantage of?03/30 Jags418621:03 TheTimeLord
33pShould I buy more life insurance?06/08 charleypartanna21:02 cchrissyy
12pTaking SBA Loan When Not Absolutely Needed - Moral Considerations19:15 fullham20:59 playtothebeat
46c[Netflix:] Can We Talk About Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness?03/29 RJC20:56 iamblessed
10hJL Collins investment advise19:14 JD10120:49 UpperNwGuy
631tJack Bogle - Two Fund Portfolio2016 abuss36820:45 abuss368
7hExcess 401k contribution and after tax 401k10:22 Meaty20:38 DavidC
11p529 - limits and contribution2019 ejvyas20:38 Spirit Rider
22tVanguard Global Minimum Volatility12:18 Locard20:38 Portfolio7
9hFirst world problem , large monthly cash flow, what would you do?17:38 sjl33320:34 sjl333
132tMortgage - Keep balance as High as Possible03/28 ddurrett89620:31 chevca
11hWill my bank withhold my IRA RMD03/27 leehsm20:31 AlwaysaQ
4p$100,000 IRA withdrawal without penalty17:39 kobudo20:29 Alan S.
9cAirBnb Host Refusing COVID-19 Refund19:19 ForeverInvestor20:27 runner3081
24cWater line replacement - is HOA responsible?03/30 sk.dolcevita20:26 Saving$
45pCollege in fall03/29 Calhoon20:21 celia
2tPromoting Jack Bogle's message in the FIRE community10:42 Rick Ferri20:20 WoodSpinner
234pCollege Expenses05/04 KandT20:20 ram
12cGarden fencing ideas needed03/31 mancich20:15 bob60014
47tHas Your Asset Allocation Strategy Changed?03/30 Fat-Tailed Cont19:55 Dottie57
16hRoth IRA and 45703/30 beckwith19:54 EngCapt1
2811tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb19:49 Nicolas
6hWhat is the right way to exchange funds?03/24 realquadrant19:40 grabiner
5hCritique My Portfolio15:16 FBN201419:37 Sandtrap
1hInherited IRA and new RMD16:46 leehsm19:31 mhalley
30pWhat is best option for freeing up a lot of cash?03/30 delrinson19:29 hudson
3hMoving funds from IRA to Roth IRA08:09 aaflygirl19:26 3feetpete
171tMunis getting slaughtered!03/19 justsomeguy201819:22 drk
64cImproving online security03/06 LazyNihilist19:19 oldfort
8hRebalancing thoughts for this current market03/31 vthokie10019:18 BoggledHead2
238cAre you still going to the grocery store or using a delivery service? Which?03/25 totallynotsure19:16 brandy
47tMarket is irrational03/30 JD10119:08 neurosphere
19cany recommendations for a program that allows me to show my writing live?03/24 schmitz19:05 cockersx3
2nPortfolio Advice Kindly Requested (USA + Australia)03/29 greg2greg19:04 greg2greg
294tWhy do you hold bonds in your portfolio?11/30 tomwood18:58 Bluce
3tStock Investing18:40 Paisley18:46 abuss368
472tWho's buying today? where's all the "dry powder" folks at? :)2018 F150HD18:42 abuss368
46pPay fed tax now - or July 15?03/21 sunny_socal18:38 walletless
114tGreat example of someone who should have never invested in factors03/30 Rick Ferri18:20 Noobvestor
2hDid I trigger a wash sale (even partial, perhaps)?03/31 Korpen18:19 Korpen
10pMust file tax return for stimulus check?08:08 michaeljc7018:19 AnabelLee
2pRules of thumb for understanding delivery drivers16:02 MoneyMarathon18:19 LadyGeek
149tThree Fund Vs Butterfly Fund or other11/30 NearlyRetired18:17 rich126
4pEIDL vs. PPP disaster loans... with an S-Corp wrinkle15:42 cudds18:16 cudds
60cAny Airlines Issuing Actual Refunds03/27 Leesbro6318:14 Stinky
1hBND ETF18:10 Binx18:12 watchnerd
5fPMs sent stuck in outbox?17:23 gr707018:11 Peculiar_Invest
225pMy LenderFi refinance is going well01/15 abyan17:59 hand
4hWhy such a large yield spread between municipal and standard money markets?14:49 zubinh17:57 annu
12cBest Items to Buy at Macys03/28 DTalos17:51 DTalos
5hVanguard RMD service and COVID-1911:45 jgalt13317:49 mailman781
2hThe 4 Horseman of U.S. Indexing12:43 TheTimeLord17:46 Duckie
0tStraddle and Strangle Option Spreads17:36 RomeoMustDie 
21htax loss harvest by specID while preventing a wash sale03/30 invest017:29 rkhusky
13pWith a volatile stock market account, how do I track retirement progress?11:42 miamivice17:29 Nestegg_User
6tAnyone learn about Behavior Economics???07:47 BeachPerson17:28 Elena
10cUSPO change of address during the crisis?03/30 CFIT17:23 HomeStretch
26hwhy do we have the stock market03/31 k198217:19 watchnerd
25tWhy is the market up today?03/30 Meaty17:07 Rus In Urbe
103tConsistent Yield & Duration to Help Choose TIPS Fund2012 #Cruncher17:02 #Cruncher
5hTax loss harvesting03/31 boglelord17:02 Vanguard Fan 13
9ciPhone Lithium Charger11:09 t2cycling16:58 t2cycling
5pCARES Act for the partially unemployed13:32 El Greco16:58 El Greco
56t[NY Times:] I Became a Disciplined Investor Over 40 Years. The Virus Broke Me In 40 Days.03/27 ARoseByAnyOther16:54 illumination
32tPhysical silver price decoupled from spot price03/21 SemiRetire16:37 Phineas J. Whoo
5tDoes Traditional Wisdom RE: Asset Allocation Go Out the Window in a Non-Traditional Labor Market?03/30 KNomad16:36 KNomad
11tBehold, the Societal Risk Premium!11:30 SimpleGift16:36 SimpleGift
4p[Landlord] 1mo lease extension - Best to take down and later repost apartment ads?03/30 pppez8016:34 Sandtrap
74tWhat's happening with Muni Money Market fund yields?03/21 GreendaleCC16:31 Kevin M
13hQCDs RMDs and Roth Conversion03/28 tomd3716:22 tomd37
12hTLH with mutual funds and avoiding volatility losses03/19 Carboneuter15:59 kaneohe
0tESA account - stay the course?15:54 nix4me 
205lNE Ohio (Cleveland Area) Master Thread2014 Maid of the Mis15:48 RetiredMarine
722pRefinance Mega Thread09/01 AZAttorney1115:47 mervinj7
129lNew Columbus, Ohio Chapter2017 RetiredMarine15:44 RetiredMarine
80cTipping in new reality?03/30 Pomegranate15:41 LadyGeek
50hSP500 Index fund will outperform total stock market?03/26 Mode3215:38 Phineas J. Whoo
1hRollover SEP-IRA now?15:18 Kaymaza15:34 FiveK
4hIs there a reliable indicator for price movement of VBTLX Vanguard Total Bond Index Admiral07:25 Namashkar15:32 cyclist
3ciPad WIFI to Android Phone15:14 Leesbro6315:31 cheese_breath
1hTLH to unwind position in individual stocks with very low cost basis?11:07 treesinthewind15:31 FiveK
3tStock buybacks...the good, the bad, and the ugly08:15 tvubpwcisla15:29 ValuationsMatte
152hWhy international?2018 stocknoob411115:29 index245
1pDoes contributing to a Traditional IRA help lower income for purposes of increasing the Earned Income Credit?10:09 bigtex15:24 FiveK
1hNovice investor, rearranging asset advice13:04 SlalomFive15:20 cork
44pUndoing your already-taken RMD for 202003/30 Mel Lindauer15:19 Alan S.
14hRoth IRA non-working spouse03/15 Ybsybs15:17 retiredjg
0hPortfolio Review / Retirement Income Plan v215:12 bkweathe 
6htax lost harvesting question13:05 Case15:11 bluegill
45hProbability of V shaped Rebound in Stocks03/30 mathguy302115:10 annu
199tThe end of cruise ships03/11 kosomoto15:07 TomatoTomahto
127cHow Do you Exercise Indoors?02/26 ruanddu15:03 SheReadsHere719
2hAll in one vs Separate fund14:03 roccodean15:01 dbr
87cAdvice on relocation or staying put2017 srt714:57 srt7
30cAnyone Using Food Sealing Vacuums (eg FoodSaver)?2018 Nearly A Moose14:42 Vanguard Fan 13
3pChase Saphire $1000 bonus expired?14:12 bholm8314:34 galawdawg
9hWho else is Dollar Cost Averaging to the bottom?(Wherever that is?)03/23 cobra91114:31 cobra911
13pPaying estimated self-employed income10:36 Cait14:24 lstone19
19hWhere to put emergency fund03/28 vicferrari14:21 atdharris
0hHow to View Roth 401k Basis (or Principal) on Vanguard Site?14:14 pbearn 
5hNew Taxable Account At Fidelity?03/30 ronin14:10 ronin
1hTLH from VVIAX into ?13:30 tech12314:06 rkhusky
1pCARES act employee/owner loan forgiveness12:54 dan91614:00 oldcomputerguy
2hCARES Act: Is it possible to withdraw from a TIRA and recontribute to a 457 to get 457 treatment?12:35 DesertMan14:00 Alan S.
2pProperty Tax Deduction; Bought & Sold Homes in same year12:03 CRC30113:50 CRC301
5nAdvice to get started. South African in UAE03/31 Albert13:48 JimBeam
278hGuys I Rebalanced (Moved Monies Out Of S&P 500)03/21 Ambitious99413:48 pkcrafter
122pRMDs May Not Be Required for 202003/24 Retired180913:48 Geologist
18hRebalancing plan: is this reasonable? (do it once per month)03/22 charleypartanna13:47 bertilak
43hThoughts on VNQ? [Vanguard Real Estate ETF]2019 PurpleArc13:36 rgs92
4480tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar13:36 peppers
20hWindfall Advice and Maxing my 401(k)03/30 Tim147713:35 retired@50
4hInverse Index ETF's (SH & RWM) to 'short' the market12:35 nolegs13:32 Jebediah
13tmoney market fund dividends03/30 razor13:26 Geologist
1hCARES Act12:35 hotscot13:26 David Jay
0tBrain Cramp While Tax Loss Harvesting13:23 Vanguard Fan 13 
0pMassachusetts 2020 Q1+Q2 Est'd Tax Due Dates Extended13:22 Chip Munk 
6pFlexible Retirement Planner, usage question03/13 BH_RedRan13:18 BH_RedRan
10hVanguard web site03/30 bogle student13:16 ruralavalon
19hVanguard Energy ETF (VDE) - Good Time to Jump In?08/15 Cornflakey12:56 Chuck107
7hSold a Vanguard fund but did not want to sell it all so I left $1 in it is that ok?07:42 iamblessed12:55 iamblessed
1hFiling 1099R and mega back door solo roth 401K12:46 gotham100712:53 SS Rambo
7hVCADX: I think I made a mistake, should I sell?03/24 charleypartanna12:53 charleypartanna
6pRefund My FERS Pension? (Fed)10:36 markesquire12:53 MichDad
10pLease is up--what would you do?11:21 robocop12:52 8foot7
18hI just rebalanced back to my AA. It gave me a little pause.03/24 Doc712:47 Triple digit go
12hBuilding 401k Portfolio vs Target Date 204503/02 jjrespicio12:45 ruralavalon
3hDo these steps make sense? IRAs03/30 Futbolista131912:41 FiveK
5pDo pre-tax 401k contributions reduce AGI?10:57 miamivice12:27 DSInvestor
22hBND03/30 drjazz12:18 ruralavalon
45hi cannot help myself anymore [buy the dip?]03/30 k198212:16 ruralavalon
3h401(k) - Maximum Employer Match Question08:04 SpinningMyWheel11:49 SpinningMyWheel
2hCARES act: IRA RMDs / conversion08:21 datamonkee11:48 Alan S.
1p2019 Tax Filing & HSA/Roth IRA timelines10:36 niceguy737611:46 newacct
73cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?03/28 JAZZISCOOL11:45 JAZZISCOOL
4pWindfall Advice for House03/30 Tim147711:38 Tim1477
138tThere Is No Gold03/25 watchnerd11:35 Starfish
48tWho is buying I Bonds before May 1st?02/06 TheTimeLord11:29 Mel Lindauer
14hIf you have loss harvested - check your "Realized Gains/Losses"03/18 Dale_G11:20 willardx
2hTax Loss Harvesting and Qualified Dividends09:00 Carolina Shagge10:57 livesoft
61cIs the coronavirus stay-at-home experience a preview of retirement life?03/30 nascar09021010:53 JackoC
3hStrategy to being allowed penalty and tax free withdrawals from retirement account?09:09 Ddd765110:46 WoodSpinner
111cSo what are you cooking03/21 Skeeter110:41 260chrisb
40tDividends and Earnings during Recent Bear Markets03/29 SimpleGift10:40 Sandtrap
3tI compiled a slide deck while researching how to invest for retirement03/27 anonymousaardva10:32 anonymousaardva
51p[IRS tax filing deadline moved to July 15]03/20 jebmke10:31 Count of Notre
4pAny Commercial Landlords Here?07:57 virginiabirdie10:30 AerialWombat
125pSpreadsheets - Out of here!01/04 abuss36810:30 Count of Notre
2pHome Buying Advice- Sitting On Cash09:53 Voltaire2.010:22 chevca
7hThoughts on where to place Emergency funds/kids college savings in 2020?09:10 Johny10:20 Johny
116hI am 16, Bogleheads help me be rich one day03/19 MiloMoney10:19 scooter
2pStimulus Check If Big Changes 2018 to 201910:07 Leesbro6310:14 Leesbro63
41cAny ex-lawyers here?03/28 cpan00b10:11 AerialWombat
15hTax Loss Harvesting question03/30 pedsEDdoc10:10 livesoft
1348cCoronavirus (Consumer Issues) How you are preparing?02/12 TomCat9610:10 SimonJester
27hVanguard says no beneficiaries designated on taxable account03/29 telemark10:07 petras52
1hTLH-using specific example03/31 FJH4210:03 iceport
1hPortfolio Review Request from New Member09:13 woodshed2710:02 retired@50
2h401k to Roth IRA Rollover [+Canada Retirement]03/31 compound1209:56 compound12
11cHow to "Reverse" an Exterior Door Pet Door Piece?03/30 Kennedy09:54 inbox788
10hPortfolio Review Request03/28 Svtwhitel2409:42 Svtwhitel24
9pCV-19 Stimulus Bill Relief Pkg USA03/25 Pizza194509:37 Pizza1945
11tWhat determines the spread between ARMs and fixed rate mortgages?03/30 Virus476209:33 alex_686
3tTarget Date Funds + International Bonds08:22 Freddobbs09:31 bikechuck
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