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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1473 new posts and replies over 209 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
7hStock Goes to Zero - Capital Loss?13:06 D. B. Cooper07:01 student
3hTaxable brokerage accounts05:19 fdrm201907:00 retiredjg
8pWhat do you think about this Prosper loan to pay off car home Reno etc22:49 itsallaboutme07:00 itsallaboutme
3cNew Bath Tub Install $$$06:16 Bigfish06:59 Bigfish
6pDistribution of estate to children00:15 defscott62706:59 DarthSage
4cFrugal Friends and How To Find Them06:40 RickBoglehead06:58 smitcat
95tPersonal Flagship Representaive Going Away08/06 minesweep06:55 RickBoglehead
12tWhat's the Worst Thing That Can Happen to Bonds Outside of Inflation?10:53 sjwoo06:53 carolinaman
10pOpportunity cost of saving for a home down payment18:46 strongboy200506:51 student
69pMortgage refinance? Recast?08/16 KlangFool06:49 cherijoh
12hReceived a 1 million windfall and what to do with it19:58 conradfloor06:47 gd
158pDoes anyone here have no credit cards? How is that working out for you? Do you have any trouble without them?08/11 iamblessed06:46 invest4
14pHow to save on international business class fares for family23:46 bogleraw06:43 student
44pCan we afford a $400k house?08/15 Herb Laky06:43 student
21tOccam's Razor and Indexing2013 Rick Ferri06:39 tadamsmar
26hRevisiting EE Bonds given 20 year treasury bond at ~1.9%08:20 BlueCable06:37 Call_Me_Op
202tLarry Swedroe: Small Value Stocks are Cheap08/13 willthrill8106:37 matjen
13pKids education planning18:53 gurusw06:36 chipperd
304pSocial Security -- Take it at 62, 67 or 7007/31 MarkRLV06:36 smitcat
11hKeep VWIUX (muni bonds) or switch to VBLTX (total bond)?08/15 ishkadetto06:35 hudson
27pFinancial planning tools - MaxiFi, Fire Calc, etc?08/16 cognovimus06:27 cognovimus
0cNew laptop advice06:25 Seasonal 
52pHow to define "HCOL" (high cost of living) areas?08/16 mptfan06:24 RickBoglehead
25hInheritance/bulk sum/"pretirement08/16 Tahoe06:24 bltn
72cWSJ print edition renwal time - any discounts?09/13 TnGuy06:22 LifeIsGood
39cNeighbor's FIOS cable running over my yard08/15 WaffleCone06:22 student
44tAny Bogleheads get involved in private equity?2014 kellyfj06:19 quasar
67pAliens have captured my husband [wants to buy a Porsche]14:56 msrumphius06:17 EdNorton
36hDon’t put new money in market right now??15:18 Dobie06:12 bradinsky
1hInvesting for minors04:19 fdrm201906:11 RickBoglehead
16p[Can my children claim SS benefits if I continue working?]11:25 Steve306:10 JoeRetire
11667tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill05:47 J G Bankerton
38pAnyone retire in their 30s?15:04 Nathan Drake05:40 mesmer
47pYet another CP2000 for Roth IRA conversion thread2018 Viking6505:12 Chip
96tA low-cost 5 fund Boglehead portfolio07/29 vineviz05:12 HawkeyePierce
31pGo for new job (more pay but travel) or stay?12:28 harrychan05:03 LiveSimple
14nBroker Diversification08/08 Curny04:56 michoco911
6nVWRD or SWRD for VT Ireland based equivalent? Accumulating or distributing?08/12 Vision04:51 michoco911
22nWhy should I buy anything outside of the US market?08/16 maxito04:32 xxd091
2hGetting Married - Portfolio Optimization Questions01:12 oinkyboinky03:34 MoneyMarathon
12tBloomberg: U.S. Weighs Selling 50- and 100-Year Bonds08:01 stimulacra03:18 typical.investo
22tMinimization of maximum regret: Supportive of balanced AAs for some long-term investors?13:56 willthrill8103:07 jsprag
55hLMP: Is it OK to use mutual funds instead of treasuries/TIPS/CDs?07/23 Toadvine01:37 Toadvine
22cDo you get value out of Clear (airport screening)?04/24 Nearly A Moose01:33 Bfwolf
58cWhat companies provide the best customer service07/22 gac197901:25 whodidntante
8hCompany switched 401k to John Hancock - Need to pick allocation15:21 WhoDatSaints01:25 lakpr
1h529 Plan contribution from Gifts00:58 marg_srini01:20 lakpr
3cbest inexpensive trunk/hatch mounted bike rack?08/16 doraemon01:06 IMO
6hPlease review my asset allocation18:57 Goride6501:05 Goride65
2hSimple tax loss harvesting strategy22:59 gazelle199101:05 iceport
7hWhy did VTSAX start having < 100% qualified dividends a few years ago?22:31 CoastalWinds01:04 mcraepat9
63cBrown Bag Lunch Ideas08/15 doug102200:54 mariezzz
6pClose on first home on Wednesday, might not take possession until 30 days... advice please20:44 JJP8800:52 LilyFleur
13hMost Tax-Efficient Funds when in high tax bracket15:39 CoastalWinds00:45 michaeljmroger
13pPension Plan - Should I opt out?2018 gazelle199100:13 Iridium
9cCould frozen fruit be actually moldy, or am I imagining things?16:16 InvisibleAeroba00:07 Watty
32pDerogatory remark on Credit report08/02 powerboggler23:58 decapod10
362tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE23:55 drock
18cWhere should we go for a week in November?12:46 dwade110923:51 Watty
57cKindergarten lunches08/16 bogleraw23:38 bogleraw
24hPlan for my mom08/16 DirtyBottles23:37 MathIsMyWayr
163tCome over to the Liability Matchng portfolio side: the water is fine07/26 grok8723:29 randomguy
55pMoving for better public schools?08/15 Dagwood23:25 epilnk
14pBest price/timing to buy 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback?09:52 Muri23:18 MathIsMyWayr
20pTransferring a house & tax issues09:43 rage_phish23:09 rage_phish
5pAre we financially okay?21:17 takeabiteoflife23:05 FiveK
20lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2020!05/27 Miriam223:02 onthecusp
68tWhy Zero (or Negative) Interest Rates Could Someday Make Sense08/14 SimpleGift22:57 willthrill81
7pQualified Charitable Distributions07:52 fru-gal22:51 MathIsMyWayr
56tThe One-Fund Portfolio as a default suggestion08/12 longinvest22:38 willthrill81
3h"One rollover per year" questions21:58 Avolition22:37 kaneohe
30pUber Driving08/16 Andymoler5822:35 Lindyhopper
73pSelective Colleges08/16 psteinx22:31 AZAttorney11
30hNo Risk Tolerance - What Can I do ?08/16 Marco Rigatoni22:26 Pulpmoney
2pLiquidity vs VWLUX/VWALX15:24 holycow00722:23 dratkinson
29tWhy not invest in sector ETFs?08/16 AO322:13 MotoTrojan
93lTampa Bay Local Bogleheads Chapter2015 tampaite22:12 sleepysurf
24pWriting Checks on a Schwab IRA2018 BigFoot4822:07 Alan S.
4nAustralia - why do you have the savings account you have?08/16 BaronRouge21:59 BaronRouge
5tGDP affect on Dow and S&P16:51 rockthisworld21:54 willthrill81
11pMortgage refinance - should I go from 4% => 3.5%? Why did mortgage rates tick up as economic data has been hesitant?08/15 rasputin21:52 Student2
5cWhat are these plants?13:59 unclescrooge21:46 MJS
1pCompany Vehicle - value?21:35 TxAg21:39 wilked
1369c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir21:38 Cycle
18pWhy is Lisbon cheap compared to many of the cities Western Europe?08/16 wubdemil21:34 cheesepep
70tA short study of the recent Japanese crisis2017 siamond21:31 arcticpineapple
6fWhy is "The Americans" on the Bogleheads Amazon list?08/16 Whakamole21:26 LadyGeek
8tPast Performance15:14 Taylor Larimore21:18 willthrill81
26cBook or documentary recommendations on American economic dominance08/12 AerialWombat21:17 Lookingforanswe
12hWhere to *invest* additional funds?08/16 PavlovsCat21:11 MotoTrojan
3p"Friends Life Care" [senior living assistance in PA & DE]08/16 classicjazzfan21:04 classicjazzfan
81pTaking a break in your 50s: Is it the kiss of death?08/16 Colorado1321:03 Sandi_k
7tLarge gap in tax equivalent yield for similar duration (VGIT - interm Treasuries vs VWIUX interm muni)?13:15 kxl1920:53 grabiner
5tMoney market rate direction11:50 hoops77720:46 grabiner
30hFinish paying off home or start a IRA?08/01 jmac200720:33 grabiner
24cBest way to get Skype or Facetime on a TV?08/23 Nearly A Moose20:29 RickBoglehead
0pInvestment in Small Business20:21 ted1858 
7pamending tax form15:13 financenoob02120:21 trueblueky
8pCan SS benefits continue to increase if still working after claiming?07:33 lhl1220:11 Svensk Anga
7hShould I break apart "total bond" to put gov't in taxable, corp in tax deferred?10:47 billthecat20:07 grabiner
22hDFA (Dimensional) Portfolio Keep or Jettison?08/08 Girya19:59 abuss368
15hMinimal Cash and Bonds in Portfolio08/16 victor224419:54 Wiggums
7cBogleheads Fantasy Football14:39 bdrolan19:36 LadyGeek
8hAdvice on Portfolio08/16 AK5919:21 lakpr
51cBest secure email to use instead of gmail?08/16 CULater19:14 c.coyle
6hRoth 401k vs Roth IRA13:19 JSCIVALLY19:12 retiredjg
6hSocial Security Widow(er) Benefit Question08/15 mikedm18:58 Boatguy
8pHow are you finding "no cost" refis?12:47 Texanbybirth18:23 Big Dog
20lGreenville, SC Bogleheads - Who's Interested?2013 Snow Boarder18:21 Daleoos
56cGot robbed in London...Phone stolen...what else do I need to do?07/11 Theseus18:18 RickBoglehead
11cScooter I sold to someone was abandoned15:42 knightrider18:14 dknightd
327pLong-Term Care Decision07/28 Colormeado17:58 pintail07
4t"how to" withdraw strategy - applies to 529b or retirement08:51 assetalloc17:42 assetalloc
3flog in problems16:52 '67Bosox17:40 LadyGeek
10hPortfolio check and some other questions08/16 dropdx17:36 Duckie
10pI am buying a new house soon ( first buyer ...) advice ...08/12 etguy17:15 etguy
137tRefinements to Hedgefundie's excellent approach07/05 Hydromod17:13 ocrtech
1p401k during last few months of work16:47 bUU17:13 HomeStretch
3cTracking apps, any good ones?13:25 squirm17:13 Trader Joe
4cLogon Issues12:41 metsmetsmets17:11 tibbitts
13pIRMAA Appeal03/09 LSLover17:11 neilpilot
66pUse Vanguard MM Prime for cash rather than local bank?08/13 goshenBogle17:09 J G Bankerton
8hRecommended Bond Funds at TDA08/16 CurlyDave17:00 neilpilot
8pForm 8606 not filed with Taxes for last 3 yrs, now what ??08/16 Rajsx16:53 Rajsx
3cVarious ways to get people to see a message you have?14:53 UnBearable16:47 Caduceus
104tTreasury 2-10 year yield curve has inverted!08/14 J G Bankerton16:38 J G Bankerton
13tMajor changes in VWOB (Vanguard Emerging Markets Govt Bond ETF) portfolio (almost no China)?07/03 jhfenton16:32 hdas
11t"I've reproduced 130+ research papers about "predicting the stock market""08/16 AlohaJoe16:05 willthrill81
36tAsset location: bonds belong in taxable08/15 megli16:01 retiringwhen
5hVanguard 529 college savings account -- sit tight, change allocation?15:10 l3v3lq4rt15:49 Wiggums
91pDo Bogleheads plan to utilize Independent Living facilities?2015 TheTimeLord15:49 RudyS
35c10 Year Cost of Owning My CR-V08/16 Random Poster15:42 randomguy
889lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2018 Alex Frakt15:38 Andrew321
6hmarket timing, soft version08/16 gabe195515:35 MotoTrojan
74tThe value of international stocks, in pictures2018 vineviz15:34 permport
5nAssets split between US and Europe (Spain) [Spanish ex-pat in US]08/16 SavingsMug15:29 wineandplaya
15cMoving to Houston08/15 siker15:16 jello_nailer
48lOklahoma City (OKC) Bogleheads Local Chapter01/03 petulant15:11 petulant
1820tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab15:08 placeholder
33pHCOL savings rates08/15 huai15:06 MathIsMyWayr
7tPortfolio Comparison Tool14:10 bennettg15:00 snailderby
60tAny retired person have stocks and cash I was thinking about a 70/3008/16 iamblessed14:59 garlandwhizzer
9pTax implications of Calvert settlement distribution08/08 Infomom214:40 not4me
8pYet one more mortgage vs investing - ARM and tax situation07/13 holycow00714:27 holycow007
16pProof of finance in vanguard08/15 kzu14:21 kzu
19pQuestion about income and Medicare Premiums08/16 Alana88814:18 Alana888
38cHotel recommendation for Cambridge / Boston08/15 rjbraun14:08 rjbraun
349lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2019!2018 Miriam214:03 Miriam2
5hWellinton Fund as Moderately Aggresive Alternative?11:07 JimG13:56 jjustice
5tholding ISOs to LTCG08/14 NewMoneyMustBeS13:53 kxl19
16cUPDATED: Thrift stores in the Greater Orlando Area (plus The Villages) with largest NON-FICTION BOOK selection?07/27 synthfan2313:47 mrbsa
2pHomeowners Policy WItHOUT Full Replacement Cost - deductible loss?10:16 Myopic squirrel13:27 Myopic squirrel
4hFidelity 401k rebalance to Brokeragelink?11:30 8hygro13:12 8hygro
3tRegret minimization and portfolio asset allocation - stocks for the long run?09:53 CULater13:11 willthrill81
55pRent vs. Buy - Running the numbers, what am I missing?08/14 tbbmtb13:11 techsetter
17cBest method for handling work task list and note taking?08/17 mancich13:03 mancich
37hSingle-stock investing in taxable or Roth?08/16 middistancerunn12:55 MathIsMyWayr
105pAre you a "solo ager?"08/09 CULater12:51 jebmke
46tQuick (without looking) what do you think YTD total return of US Bond Index is?08/16 livesoft12:47 Kenkat
16hWhere to put new money? Small Windfall08/15 FootballFan554812:35 welderwannabe
6hasset allocation review for newbie08/16 rootbudgirl12:32 retiredjg
143cWhat is your hobby and how did it come to be your hobby?04/16 keepingitsimple12:23 LittleMaggieMae
44pNiece divorce - house questions12/26 Johio12:20 njinvestor2019
16hWhere to withdraw money for spending?08/13 vest7412:18 vest74
73cBreakfast Menu After Retirement08/09 Dug12:11 Whakamole
14tI and EE bonds08/16 MoneyMarathon12:08 protagonist
12hsolo 401k management fees08/14 moretolearn12:07 RickBoglehead
6pSurvivor Annuity08/15 Cash12:02 Stinky
40ciPad Pro 12.9 - 3rd Generation03/27 raamakoti11:50 protagonist
23cMosquito control in Central Va05/10 retire1411:36 colinpurrington
0pReminder to estimate if you might be subject to under-withholding penalty (fed and state)11:36 Tamales 
7lBirmingham, Alabama local chapter07/17 Stinky11:36 Stinky
126tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!06/03 hdas11:09 hdas
7pPossible to refinance before moving in?08/15 boglefi10:43 boglefi
5cUK SIM - Prepaid / Mostly Data08/16 Rainier10:40 fogalog
101tA Simple Bogleheads Retirement Using Variable Percentage Withdrawals (VPW Forward Test)06/30 longinvest10:35 longinvest
1144tSimba's backtesting spreadsheet [a Bogleheads community project]2007 simba10:27 siamond
16hReview - 34 yr old08/15 chrismj10:27 ExitStageLeft
9hBest money market rate for first 12 months?08/16 BlackDiamond10:24 fortfun
39tOptimized Roth Conversion Model07/20 Indyhou10:23 czaj
12hWhats the Best 12-18 month CD08/16 CoastalWinds10:21 MikeG62
8cBravoCon 2019 sold out in 1 minute08/16 mrbsa10:14 THY4373
2pMortgage Refinance --->4.375% to 3.5%08/16 justsomeguy201810:14 health teacher
7hVBTLX or BND ETF for traditional IRA01/28 Frugal1M10:05 A Boglehead
10hPaging Taylor Larimore one last time!08/16 misterbill41210:05 oldcomputerguy
42pVanguard thinks I have a wash sale. Do I?10/28 White Coat Inve09:42 PowderDay9
0hCarry taxation09:28 mass_biker 
9hTaxable account vs Governmental 457(b)08/15 mrc1309:23 Spirit Rider
11hQuick question about submitting portfolio numbers for review08/16 Skeeter109:11 Skeeter1
89pBig IRA accounts02/10 elainet709:05 elainet7
12hOk it’s time for, My Portfolio review08/16 Skeeter109:02 Skeeter1
7nHow do I know when fund is big enough to buy safely and not worry about liquidity issues and bid-ask spreads?08/16 Vision08:59 glorat
14pHelping with mother's finances after father's passing08/16 Reamus29408:58 Reamus294
29cBuying an older used car - any new/different ideas?08/16 dm20008:56 dm200
109pNo pay increase but increase in responsibility08/09 alphacollector08:50 bengal22
24cPDF Split, Merge tool2016 andyandyandy08:42 strafe
73pAre you refinancing now?08/11 big bang08:31 seawolf21
256t[Vanguard ongoing glitches, August 12-13, 2019]08/12 boridi08:30 pokebowl
9hFidelity vs Alliant for CDs?08/16 Blue45608:28 MikeG62
2nFunds, acc or inc type08/17 Andyml7308:26 TedSwippet
26cDrive to Olympic National Park from Midwest07/10 Calhoon08:24 Calhoon
21cHeadache buying new minivan08/14 Lordofwolfx08:24 Gladiators2Swan
20hAA on real estate for overall portfolio?08/15 oberheimer08:09 Sandtrap
68pWhen to move into retirement08/15 NearlyRetired08:04 Sandtrap
19cfirst round ticket to US Open Tennis 201909/02 go_mets07:54 boomer_techie
15cLeast expensive place to mass register domains, decide which I want to keep, then transfer08/01 synthfan2307:40 ssenneff
20pCollege senior son - how to pay loans best for credit score?08/16 rj34207:34 TomatoTomahto
18tStatistics used to analyze S&P50007/25 investor300007:21 midareff

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